Welcome to your first day on the job as an airport sniffer dog! Sniff out trouble before it hits! Made for the Short and Sweet Jam.

Shoot down colored orbs to sniff out luggage by blasting through clouds and following light trails. Green item orbs contain items that must be sniffed out (either legal items or contraband), while blue energy orbs contain energy refills to power shots and shields. Avoid red trap orbs! If the timer is running low, feel free to take your best guess!


  • WASD to move the cursor and dodge.
  • Left mouse button to shoot.
  • Right mouse button to shield.
  • Q to alert the guard to the presence of contraband.
  • E to let a person pass.


  1. Top counter: Time remaining
  2. Second counter: Energy remaining
  3. Third counter: Items remaining
  4. Fourth counter: Life remaining
  5. Bottom counter: Level number


  • Programming and gameplay by Andrew I. Tran.
  • Music and sounds by Brandon Pieterouiski.
  • Art by Julie Huang and Brandon Pieterouiski.


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Very cute! Very creative concept! ♡